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Build Muscle

Circuband provides you with a light-weight, high resistance way to build muscle anywhere.

Travel Friendly

Away for the weekend? Circuband is safe to be taken on all aircraft and can be taken on carry-on. Plus, they weigh 400-700 grams!

Free Video Tutorials

Search Circuband on Youtube and you'll find a wealth of ideas and advice on how to use them properly.

Fast Support

We're pretty use to not sleeping so chances are we'll get back to you in no time with any info you need.

Unique Design

Patented, Proven, Designed and Built to be Simple and Effective. See Below for Features.

Performance to Pre-Natal

The adjustable nature of these bands gives you the ability to work as hard or as easy as you want.


These aren't just your ordinary resistance bands.

Circuband HiRez60kg Resistance
Circuband LoRez40kg Resistance
Other20kg Resistance

Our Mission at Circuband is to help people improve themselves, period. Whether you are trying to gain that extra 1 percent on the sports field or just trying to make it back onto a sports field then we've got you covered. Our gear caters to a wide range of people and that's exactly why we love it! Our other mission is to never stop innovating. The next milestone is to combine Circuband with Sensors (the MyoTracker) and make it available to everyone because we know how important data is when helping people achieve their goals.

We have Many. Whether it's the New Zealand Rugby Team (The All Blacks) increasing their passing strength or the Military keeping the edge, Circuband is built for top tier organisations. We are believers that if it's good enough for them then it's good enough for the rest of us. Other customers include Les Mills, Australian Cricket, USL Medical, City Fitness, some Super Rugby Teams, UFC Fighters, NZ Sailors, Pro Cyclists and thousands or others.

Circuband has a very strong clip system that lets you adjust the length of the band to change the resistance. There is no other system like it for Resistance Bands in the World

Handles are great and that's why we include them in the pack. However, the versatility lies in the velcro straps that can be used as handles, as anchor points or to connect the bands to barbells and dumbbells. They can also be used as ankle loops, wrist loops or whatever else your imagination can come up with. We also have Rugby ball attachments, waistbelts and door anchors. The clip system allows you to interchange all of these attachments super easily.

Or Use as a Closed Loop to Add More Variation. Pull-ups, Booty gains or straight performance conditioning, the Circuband can form a closed loop too so you won't need to carry other bands around with you.

Our vision for the future has two components. The first is to allow everyone to have access to effective resistance training. The second is to provide them with education, motivation and accountability so they actually do it.

"Just A Great Way to Workout" - Casey Neistat (2017)

HiRez for Performance


LoRez for Toning


EziRez for Rehab


Combo For Everything


"It's just so simple"

Coming Soon.

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Travel Friendly

Away for the weekend? Myotracker is safe to be taken on all aircraft and can be taken on carry-on. Plus, it weighs only 1.5lbs!

Measure Every Rep

Measure the Resistance, Power, Rep Count, ROM and Calories burnt in Real Time

Use with Weights

The MyoTracker has been designed to accommodate for weights so you can measure and maximise every rep.

Unique Design

Patented, Proven, Designed and Built to be Simple and Effective. See Below for Features.

Performance in your Pocket

These State-of-the-art sensors are going to motivate you and let you know what you're doing right and wrong.

Wanting to get Certified? REPS Courses Available now (4CPDs).

Next Session is on Friday the 12th May in Christchurch, NZ

1 on 1 tutorials are also available


A few ways to use Circuband.

In the Gym

Due the the adjustable nature of the system, the Circuband can be added to almost any piece of equipment in the gym including Squat Racks, Deadlifts, Bench Presses and Pull-Up Bars. Using the Ankle/Bar Attachments provided, you can either atttach the band loosely or tightly depending on your preference.


Bands are pretty much a staple when the goal is rehabilitating injured muscle. Circuband attachments give you added versatility by allowing you to add Handles/Ankle loops and Balls to Dynabands, Therabands, and Looped bands. These bands are also much more fun to use with the Circuband system thus engagement and adherance are more likely to increase leading to better outcomes.


Using Circuband in the gym is great. However, using Circuband in environments where you don't have much available to workout with is amazing! The components are designed to be used in any condition and only weigh around 500g or about a lb each. Hook it up to any smooth surface and you're good to go! Can even take it in your Carry On luggage!

Home Fitness

Many of our customers believe that Circuband is the best tool you can work out with in the home, period. In each pack you get your door anchor, your band and your handles/velcro straps which makes it super easy to use on any door you have in the house (see instructions). Check out the video to see just some of the exercises you can do with this awesome and clever product.

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What They Say

The Team

We are powered by people.

Daniel Thomson

Managing Director/Co-Founder

Daniel is the co-founder of Circuband along with brother, Nick. As Circuband is largely Bootstrapped, Daniel wears many hats on a day to day basis. Daniel handles Web Design, Manufacturing, Logistics, IP, Innovation, Accounts and whatever else is needed to keep the lights on.

Nick Thomson


An Ex-Pro Rugby Player for New Zealand Sevens, Nick is an athlete through and through. Nick was instrumental in developing the original system through his understanding of High Performance Training.

Josh Paurini

Head Trainer

Josh has a thorough understanding of Human Movement Systems and is in charge of all formal training at Circuband. He holds many internationally recognised qualifications. Josh also played Pro Basketball in New Zealand's Basketball League (150+ games).

Brad Fraser

Jack of all Trades

Brad is the extra muscle when we need it. Whether it's putting Circuband in Amazon, Marketing, Shipping or whatever else, Brad is a very useful guy to have around.